Ready for a new challenge? Time for Blogging 201.

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Please note: the content of this edition of Blogging 201: Branding and Growth is the same as the challenge offered earlier this year. If you’re looking for something new to tackle, more Blogging U. courses will roll out this fall and throughout 2015.

Blogging 201: Branding and Growth is a two-week challenge to build on the great foundation you developed in Blogging 101 and give your blog’s growth a serious kick start. We’ll help you:

  • Define your blog’s brand and make sure it’s effective and consistent.
  • Build your audience both within, and without.
  • Understand and use your blog’s stats to grow your traffic.
  • Make the most of your existing posts, to bring them ongoing attention.

You’ll get a task each weekday, along with links to helpful resources and our best advice on how to tackle the assignment. Weekends are time to catch up, explore a new tool further, or just blog…

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