Instants and Remnants

Shawn Worth

New, the slick and silvery highway
Slithers through the fields
Rustling through dried and flattened remains
Of a late fall harvest
It sniffs its way through the waste
Seeking out a meal
Occasionally shedding its skin
Leaving crusty remnants on the borders of its winding path
Several instants
Miraculously both minuscule in their time, and massive in their influence
Death defying instants
Which brought tightened fists and numb knees
And the gravest of reflections on
Have left their evidence on the roadside
Now everyone passing
Can be reminded
That it wasn’t a dream
The instants cry out
“Yes, we happened!
You were there.
For they too fade away
And when the snow falls
Old and new become one
And the instances which left their evidence
Dissolve into the past despite their best efforts

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