Sky’s Leak

Amit Radha Krishna Nigam blogs here.

The fox is dead,long gone,maybe forgotten
leaving the rust upon the iron exposed
and blood-bites on nails that fitted the peaceful city.
And over the years, I may have grown
an extra skin beneath my nose.

I smell both the alphas and betas of the world.
But I am certainly curable of it’s misery.
That, I carry the extra large earth,
sniffing the red dust hanging in my home’s zephyr
and everywhere around, is curable certainly.

My grandmother cursed the night
that left the sky, that looked waif
and gave me the extra skin,
to make believe that not all lands,
where clouds pour, are safe.

–3rd December,2015 marks 30th year of the Bhopal Gas Trajedy.

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