The Dance

East to East

Dear Reader,

I ask you to forgive the ensuing laziness. Today I am feeling quite under the weather and too poorly to compose something worthwhile for you pleasure. And so, I have taken this post from my previous Tumblr account and reproduce it here for you.

When I feel more lucid I will make amends for this fault.


E. Blakeney

Many though my faults might be I do not consider an ignorance of beauty to be one of them. Perhaps I might be considered to be guilty of the inability to fully comprehend and express my awareness fluidly and artistically, but I am, nonetheless, aware. There have been mortals who were able to describe that which immortal in this world, but such a talent has so far eluded me and I remain devoid of that virtue. It is possible that I can wait for such a time, until then…

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