Why Twitter’s #cameronmustgo is so important

Druid Life

Of course there’s been a lot of criticism – the right wing tells us that hashtags don’t win elections and that elections are how you get rid of prime ministers. I don’t think that was how they relieved themselves of Margaret Thatcher but there we go. It’s internet bullying, they say because nothing is meaner than a bunch of ordinary people standing up to wealth, power and media influence to offer an alternative. They say we don’t understand the economy, and yet they are the ones who have pushed ours further into debt. It’s been an interesting ten days so far.

Of course ‘Cameron Must Go’ isn’t the half of it. I don’t think anyone using the hashtag really wants to see him replaced by another smug, overpaid suit who thinks anyone earning less than £150k is irrelevant (yes, one of them, Mark Garnier, apparently said that…). It’s…

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