A Paul McCarthy Parody to Plug the Hole in Your Holiday Decorations

Plutonium™ Paint


Ryan Humphrey’s Christmas tree toppers (all images courtesy the artist)
The art world’s favorite dirty joke of 2014 — Paul McCarthy’s suggestive “Tree” inflatable that caused Paris’s prudes to perk up back in October — is coming home for the holidays. The artist Ryan Humphrey has turned the rotund and risqué sculpture into a charming topper for your Christmas tree.

Available in McCarthy’s original green as well as blue, red, black, and gold, the small-scale trees are a steal at just $35 apiece — though the price of “Tree” remains unknown, another giant McCarthy inflatable, “Balloon Dog,” sold for $950,000 following its star turn at Frieze New York in 2013. Each 10.5-inch-tall topper is screen printed on birch plywood and, per Humphrey’s Etsy listing, comes with “two strips of Velcro attached to the back for easy mounting (no pun intended).”

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