Did 30 Rock Call Out Bill Cosby for Sexual Assault Five Years Ago?


Back in 2009, a particularly memorable episode of 30 Rock called “The Bubble” featured guest star Jon Hamm as a really, really ridiculously good-looking doctor who, as a result of said good looks, never experienced the humiliations, inconveniences and general unpleasantness of everyday life. (As a result, he never really had to learn anything — so he was also tremendously dumb, which made for some fun jokes.)

But anyway, during that episode, the 30 Rock writers seemed to reference Bill Cosby’s alleged history of sexual assault, which only very recently became the subject of widespread national attention.

The folks over at Crushable noticed the reference, which most of us probably missed at the time. It comes up during contract negotations between Jack Donaghy (played by Alec Baldwin) and Tracy Jordan (played by Tracy Morgan.) Tracy has quit his job on TGS, so Jack hires a Bill Cosby…

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