Police officer relieved of duty for apparent role in rap video


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A three-and-a-half minute video with female rappers strutting, dancing, and taunting to the tune of “What’s Up, B?” has more than 7,000 views on YouTube, reported WREG.

The video by P. London features several women, some wearing gang colors, calling themselves ‘Bs’ from North Memphis, dancing to the profanity-laced lyrics.

A Memphis Police Officer can also apparently be seen in the background as a part of the video. Now MPD is taking a look, telling WREG they have received the video and are reviewing it to determine the extent of the officers involvement.

“Her job. Her job is on the line about that one, ain’t it?” Mike Jones of Whitehaven asked when we showed him the video.

It’s what many are wondering.

Police identified the officer as Paris Glass, a seven-year veteran of MPD. She’s been relieved of duty and is on non-enforcement…

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